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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy of Clearpath Technology is slightly different when it comes to services such as Pay per Click management, search engine optimization, as well as other specific services. You are requested to refer to the service agreements pertaining to each particular category for looking into the details and specifications of the cancellation policy.


For one, all the requests for cancellation should take into account being submitted to the billing and accounts department of Clearpath Technology. You are free to make submissions of your cancellation policy through fax, direct mail, email or telephone. Make it a point that we are not going to consider your cancellation requests or consider them as valid unless you are confirmed about the same by our billing or accounts department. You will be given a confirmation number or receive a confirmation email from the above mentioned department of the company. This is done so as to act as a proof of service cancellation.


An advance notice of about 30 days is required for notifying any cancellation. This will make sure that your account has been effectively disconnected or discontinued at the ideally desired time. Your billing issues will also be wrapped up so as to adjust your billing processes. In case you need to cancel your account, all you need to do is intimate us and we will do the needful.


Refund Policy

The refund policy of Clearpath Technology is slightly different when it comes to the services that are offered. You are requested to refer to the respective refund policies for gathering further details about the various refunds that apply for the different services. There is no guarantee offered by Clearpath Technology as far as refunds for cancellation of a particular service is concerned.


Clearpath Technology is bound to act on the basis of the agreement that has been signed between the client and Clearpath Technology. There are no refunds offered for transaction charges or for the funds that are invested on the search engines as well as for services that are already delivered or for that matter miscellaneous charges that cannot be recovered by Clearpath Technology, and the refund of which results in a loss for Clearpath Technology.


All of the hosting services at Clearpath Technology are offered on a monthly basis for our customers. Please take into account that no refunds are offered for extra services, set up fees and expenditures, IP addresses, disk fees and bandwidth or an account that has been closed due to violation of our terms and conditions.



Clearpath Technology as an organization has with it the exclusive right to bring about any modification of the provisions of refund of cancellation policy without intimating prior notice.